En Community



Life and its traumas can challenge our sense of power by disconnecting us from others-- our families, friends, and our communities.  I work to restore these connections by facilitating community healing spaces, speaking engagements, and experiential workshops, domestically and internationally.  I've included a few examples of workshops for inspiration.  Send me a note below, I look forward to creating in truth with you and/or your organization!



Healing Energy

An embodied balancing of the chakras

Truth Moments

A journey towards clarity and personal truth

When Holding Space

An experiential workshop for preventing and responding to vicarious trauma



Being En Community also means holding space for one another on our healing journeys.  I am so incredibly inspired by the trauma informed yoga movement and being part of a community of teachers in the greater Los Angeles area who get it...who understand the power of including the body in healing.  Stay close for trauma informed yoga classes near you!  If you'd like to share your class information send me the information using the link below.