Body Inclusive Clinical Psychologist 

    Certified Yoga Teacher

    Reiki Practitioner 

“I am light.  I shine even in the darkest of places.  I take direction from the sun, bold, unapologetic, and warm.”

Her words to root and center, Shena Young is a licensed psychologist, a yogi, a dancer, poet, and co-healer.  Born and raised by a single mother, in Houston, Texas, she absorbed her mother’s examples and spirit of humility, resilience, and hustle. At an early age, she knew there was something different about the ways in which she could sense into the experiences of others, how she seemed to feel deeply moved by what she witnessed, and even how she could intuit things she did not have the life experience to understand. Thankfully, she found dance as a young girl, which became a colorful space for moving through the stories she held in her body, her own and those of whom she connected with.  It is in the intimacy of these spaces that seeds were planted for a career as a body inclusive psychologist.  In these spaces, she developed a knowing that as we are light, we are also darkness, and that there is healing in embracing that.

She is an alumna of The University of Texas at Austin where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Sciences. She completed her graduate studies at the University of Houston and The Chicago of School of Professional Psychology, Chicago Campus, where she earned a Master’s degree in Counseling and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology respectively. Her dissertation focused on the development of a program for survivors of sexual trauma who are also women of African Ancestry and is entitled, Healing On The Mat: A culturally syntonic, trauma sensitive yoga program. She has had the honor of working with children and adults in community agencies and a number of college counseling centers including Northwestern University, The University of Chicago, California State Universities at Long Beach and Fullerton. She has had the pleasure of teaching courses on the assessment and treatment of trauma and PTSD, and introduction to psychology with a multicultural focus. A lifelong student herself, she has obtained training in the Trauma Resiliency Model, a mind body healing approach, which explores the concept of resiliency and restoration of balance to the body mind after traumatic experiences. She enjoys working with an identity/ethnically diverse population, specializing in trauma work, women’s issues, and relational challenges. She is also a certified and trauma informed yoga teacher, eternally grateful to yoga for the many ways it stretches, humbles, and anchors her.

In the therapeutic space, Dr. Young believes the relationship between client and therapist is the anchor of the healing process. Her work is rooted in existential, relational, and cultural theories, which aims to understand how people meaningfully move through the world, how they make meaning in suffering, and how they relate to self and others, while celebrating the intersections and beautiful influence of culture. Dr. Young also believes that transformation and healing should involve the whole self, mind-body-spirit and heart. She especially appreciates the wisdom of the body and incorporates body-centered approaches in her work, including trauma informed yoga, energy healing, and techniques that help rebalance the senses and physiology of the body. She sees herself as a mirror of personal truth, clarity, and wholeness and is intentional in cultivating a therapeutic space that allows clients to experiment with authenticity and vulnerability, ultimately encouraging them to live boldly and fully.