To be En Truth is to be heard, to be witnessed, and to know your voice. I believe therapy is one way to embody truth. It is a co-created process, sacred in pace, and a dance experimenting with authenticity and vulnerability. It is a relationship, imperfect but intentional, a container for all truths. It is science and art, and as each of us is, it is a space of light and dark.

[Individual / Couples therapy, limited adjusted fee appointments available]


Whole Body

The Body is a time capsule for all of our lived experiences. Working from a body inclusive perspective means listening to what the body has to say-- honoring her intuitive capacity to heal. In this work, I lean on the power of trauma informed yoga, dance/movement, and sensing into the physiology of the body, with the goals of restoring safety, harmony, connection, and presence in the body.

[Trauma Informed Yoga class, individual or group, contact below for pricing]




Rising Light

En Rising Light is an 8 week program I created for women of color who are also survivors of sexual trauma. Rooted in Africana Womanist Theory, it is designed with the layered needs of African American women in mind. A theme based and body inclusive program, it draws on the healing modalities of trauma informed yoga, group therapy, & other creative interventions encouraging mended relationships with the body. Most urgently, it is a community of survivors working toward healing and wholeness.

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