Truth Moments:  Healing After Sexual Assault with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford of Therapy For Black Girls |

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, licensed psychologist in Atlanta, GA and creator of Therapy for Black Girls.   Our conversation, Healing After Sexual Assault, was one part of an amazing movement she has inspired with the Therapy for Black Girls Podcast; a "weekly conversation about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become better versions of ourselves." I love what Dr. Joy is doing, in holding space for Black women and our beautifully layered healing experiences.  I'm excited to share our conversation with you. 

Certainly, talking about sexual trauma - childhood sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault - is never easy.  And not talking about it...well that brings up an entirely different set of issues.  I believe and have learned that when we bury our truths inside, they show up in other ways --as physical health issues, depression/anxiety or mental health challenges, energetic blockages, low self esteem, self sabotage, and challenging relationships with others.  In this episode I discuss with Dr. Joy what it's like to survive sexual assault, from a mind-body-heart-spirit perspective; the ways in which such a violation negatively impacts the ways we think, our physical health and relationship with our bodies, our relationship with self and others, and even how it impacts our spirituality.  While this episode speaks to survivors of any background, I intentionally address the Black female survivors experience -- specifically the impact of our unique history in this country emphasizing the importance of culturally specific and body inclusive healing.  

I know what you're thinking. This is a dark topic and it is.  My hope is that there's some light in it for you.  Take care of yourself as you listen, take breaks, and come back to it in your own timing.  I'd love to hear from you on the other side.  Visit to tune in.  

In Only Truth.  --Dr. Shena Young